Simulator capabilities:

  • Training of all normal and most abnormal operations
  • Full A320 simulation, all FMGS functionalities
  • Very accurate flight model, sidesticks behaves same as in real aircraft
  • TCAS, GPWS, Windshear maneuvers training
  • CFM 56 or IAE V2500 engine options
  • Instructor station including post-flight analysis
  • Jeppesen and Lido worldwide chart database
  • Option to choose any airport

Products for pilots:

  1. Airline assessment preparation (simulator part)

    Suitable for both type rated and non type rated airline assesments. We have experience with Wizzair, EasyJet, Eurowings, Air France, Qatar Airways and more

  2. LPC (Licence Proficiency Check) preparation

    Training of items checked during type rating revalidation/skill test – manual fligt, engine failure after take off, precision and non precision approach, go around, visual circuit,

  3. Additional type rating training

    Normal A320 type rating course consist of only 7 simulator sessions which is absolute minimum. We offer free space for practice of any exercise together with experienced instructor

  4. IFR procedures training, flight in IMC
  5. Multi crew cooperation training
  6. Refresh Flights

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